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Beverage Brand Architecture Continuum

We’ve helped dozens of breweries and beverage companies launch extensions over the last few years. And through all that work—all the research, trial and error, and practical application—we’ve arrived at the following overarching framework for guiding this process. These strategies are the basic building blocks for any growing brand.

We call it the The Beverage Brand Architecture Continuum and it is comprised of three core Brand Architecture approaches: the Branded House, Sub / Endorsed Brands and a House of Brands. Each of these strategies have their own sub-strategies, tactics, pros, cons, nuances and quirks.

There’s a fourth overarching Architecture approach as well, the Hybrid Brand, but this is simply a blending of any of these other strategies as needed.

We will explore each of these core strategies throughout the remainder of the book. But first, let’s determine how to best position your new product.

To do that, we need to run through our Beverage Extension Assessment Tool to see which approach makes the most sense.

Beverage Brand Architecture Continuum