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A Brand Architecture framework for positioning, branding, and launching your next beverage (without harming your brewery’s reputation)

Thousands of breweries are moving into the Beyond Beer space with exciting non-beer beverages each year. And at some point, every brewery will be confronted with the decision about whether or not they should move into a new category. This move can be both an opportunity and a risk, begging some critical questions:

The Beyond Beer Handbook will demystify the process of launching new beverage extensions and help your brewery answer these key questions toreach a solid, well-informed decision in an afternoon.

Part book, part quiz, and part choose-your-own-adventure-style novel, The Beyond Beer Handbook is a purpose-built tool for helping you expandyour brewery’s portfolio and build a more resilient business.

It will quickly get your team oriented and outfitted with the info and concepts you need to confidently position, brand, and launch any extension, beer or beyond.